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Untitled (Span 15, 13, 16) Collection


The following Collection is currently made up of three artworks, of which were initially created in response to a two week Engine Micro Residency, at the University of Worcester. 

These three large digital prints feature the underside of the viaduct arches, digitally documented by Suzie. When exploring the city, the Viaduct bridge was a noticeable part of Worcester. A bridge, a series of arches, linking the city, myself and others, a point of intersect, interchange.

All Collection artworks are available as: A6 Postcard, A3/A4 Digital Print in Presentation Tube, A3/A4 Signed Digital Print with Mount, A3/A4 Signed Digital Print in Frame. Please visit the Product and Prints page for more information.





Further Information on the Piece

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