Residency: University of Worcester

As part of New Art West Midlands Engine Programme Suzie Hunt has undertaken  a Micro Residency Opportunity 2018 at the University of Worcester.
Continuing with her ongoing practice, she will work collaboratively with staff  and students developing work based on the interests of the Fabrication Research Group, inspired by the city of Worcester. 
During the two week residency period Suzie Hunt was based on site at University of Worcester. To prepare for this, in advance Suzie digitally documented her interests of the city. In this time she researched these interests, making and experimenting with work, ran one on one tutorials with students, discussed ideas with members of the Fabrication Research Group and gave a talk to third year pupils on life post degree.

Below you can see the work Suzie produced during the residency. Alongside this you can see articles and information discussing the details of this residency in the links below.

Residency Information

Residency Applicants
Residency Report 

Work Produced: Untitled (prototype one)
Untitled, prototype piece
Digital print on matt paper, 3 parts
1189 x 75 mm

These three large digital prints feature the underside of the viaduct arches, looking up from the inside of the arch. When exploring the city, the Viaduct bridge was a noticeable part of Worcester. A bridge, a series of arches, linking the city, myself and others, a point of intersect, interchange. These spans, supporting the distance between this point of interchange, a junction where two points meet, crossover and exchange with each other.

The work you can see is a result of the two week residency on site. Post residency, this work will be developed further, with the potential of exhibition in the future.

Work Produced: Untitled (prototype two)
Untitled, prototype piece, two alternatives

A bench is a seat situated in a number of areas, which people come, rest and witness life's passing parade. Placed and bolted to the floor, to view what is deemed desirable, worthy of looking.

(photo installation)

170 photo installation, 1 viewing bench

2600 x 100 mm

The photographs taken are from the view of every bench in Worcester.The bench is an invitation to stillness in the fast world. Similarly, photos are a neat slice of time, invitations of deduction and speculation.


(video projection & sound)

Video Projection with Sound, 1 slide, 10 minutes 

Combining the view of every bench in Worcester you are offered the opportunity to observe, witness the everyday. Each trace showing evidence of what has taken place, the essence of the city, created through the repetition of images, providing an account of the movement and ultimately similar but busy everyday. The projection offering a moment to pause in the surrounding noise.


Each offering the contemplator the option to pause, sit and breathe, observe the world as a still image, a projection of reality, whilst the noise and business of the passing parade continues on around them. 


The work you can see is a result of the two week residency on site. The work made during this time shows two pieces, variations on the subject of the bench. Post residency, this work will be developed further, with the potential of exhibition in the future.


Suzie Elizabeth Hunt


Lives in Worcester and works in Birmingham, UK

Specialises in photography, video, printmaking, painting & Drawing.

Open to commissions

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