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Restricted View Collection


The Restricted View Collection is currently made up of three artworks, of which was initially created in response to a one month Whitworth Wallis residency at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. 

These three prints feature the roofing of the MCC Dudderston collections, looking up from the inside of the space, digitally documented by Suzie. When entering the collections you are told you can only view the objects from the ground; as those placed higher up are inaccessible. Disregarding what’s on offer you look up with curiosity and intrigue, once again to be offered a restricted view.

All Collection artworks are available as: A6 Postcard, A3/A4 Digital Print in Presentation Tube, A3/A4 Signed Digital Print with Mount, A3/A4 Signed Digital Print in Frame. Please visit the Product and Prints page for more information.


Further Information On the Piece

Residency: Whitworth Wallis
Development: School of Art
Exhibited: Hidden Collection

Exhibited: Hidden Perspectives