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The Planet Collection


The following Collection is currently made up of several mini series, of which were initially created in after creating her piece Universe of Oddities for her final degree show at BCU.

This collection of digital prints feature various objects and structures found in different locations, digitally documented by Suzie. This series began when Suzie decided to look into exploring each of the train stops between Birmingham & Worcester, learn what was there to be discovered at each of these locations, make a sense of them, documenting what was found and recording her route along the way. Whilst documenting she began to notice posts, spheres, aged surfaces which reminded her of planets. With this she began to discover new worlds, one or more at each location, creating her own mental universe.

Since creating this piece she has expanded the series to other locations as she continues to explore her surroundings in day to say life.

All Collection artworks are available as: A6 Postcard, A3/A4 Digital Print in Presentation Tube, A3/A4 Signed Digital Print with Mount, A3/A4 Signed Digital Print in Frame. Please visit the Product and Prints page for more information.

Further Information on the Piece

Article: Universe of Oddities, One, Two

Exhibition: Parataxis


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