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Universe of Oddities suzie hunt
Universe of Oddities suzie hunt

1524mm x 1524mm x 762mm
2133.6mm x 1524mm


When making this work I thought back to my previous work and how I tend to explore environments known but also unknown to myself.

Thinking about this I initially I about the train journey I take to commute, focusing on the idea of how we look outside but we are not really looking, it all becomes a blur to us, in reality we are unaware of what is truly there, only the names of each stop as they constantly play on the train monitor. Taking this early idea I then decided to look explore each of the stops themselves, learn what was there to be discovered at each of these locations, make a sense of them, documenting what I would find and recording my route along the way. Whilst documenting I began to notice posts, spheres, aged surfaces which reminded me of planets, worlds, only discovered through journeying to this unknown place.  So with this I began to discover new worlds, one or more at each location, mapping each as I went along, creating my own mental universe, map of the worlds around me; but by documenting, recording I was able to create work to share these experiences, so that viewer could also be made aware of these worlds, but also how they relate to them.

With my piece PLANET it focuses on the idea of discovering the world hidden around you and how it can simply take a fresh perspective for someone to discover what world truly lies there. When one is lost in an unknown land, individuals try to make sense of it and create their own world, a place of which only they have. the work was about sharing the the hidden lying in the space and showing it in a new light, showing the poetics of the space someone can reside in. The beauty and wonder of the world we live in. Making sense of the environment by documenting, recording and measuring the findings so one can become familiar with the world they happen to live in.

The work was finalised as a large scale video projection on a demi sphere surface. The video piece itself plays the order each planet (along with its data) was found, through one location to the next allowing you to experience them at a similar pace to myself. The large scale to allow the viewer to be consumed and immersed by the sight of it. The domed surface to recreate the spherical nature of what was found, but not a full sphere, only a half, as by viewing it in such a way, you receive only a visual and not the whole experience. Whilst the fading of one into the other allowing the viewer to be tricked into the illusion of an infinite space, vast and never ending. their own poetics space universe.

Article: Universe of Oddities, One, Two

Exhibition: Parataxis

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