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Universe of Oddities suzie hunt
Universe of Oddities suzie hunt


Matt digital print
297mm x 420mm

when making this work i thought back to my previous work and how i tend to explore environments known but also unknown to myself.

Thinking about this I initially I about the train journey I take to commute, focusing on the idea of how we look outside but we are not really looking, it all becomes a blur to us, in reality we are unaware of what is truly there, only the names of each stop as they constantly play on the train monitor. Taking this early idea I then decided to look explore each of the stops themselves, learn what was there to be discovered at each of these locations, make a sense of them, documenting what I would find and recording my route along the way. Whilst recording my route I began to create my own map of each place, for when we journey to various locations we are always given a map and told of what is out there, but whilst exploring by your own means, you create your own mental map of that place, regular routes, pathways and sites, a mental map of the land you know. So with this I began to discover new worlds, one or more at each location, mapping each as I went along, creating my own mental universe, map of the worlds around me; but by documenting, recording I was able to create work to share these experiences, so that viewer could also be made aware of these worlds, but also how they relate to them.

With my piece DOCUMENTION  it focuses on the idea of giving the viewer the ability to have a clue in relation to the work. It allows the viewer to see where the work originated to enhance their understanding of it if they so seek to. For this i photographed each location where the world object itself was found. Having the hidden world in in mundane scene. Pictured as ordinary and uninteresting to show the viewer that even the dullest of places can hold the greatest wonders.

The work was finalised as a 16 photographic piece, printed in matt paper hung with magnetic pins. The 16 prints to signify the 16 locations. A matt print to show off the photos as they are, simply a tool for documentation. Hung with magnets to link to the magnetic forces in the universe.

Article: Universe of Oddities, One, Two
Exhibition: Parataxis

Universe of Oddities suzie hunt
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