Cone Collection


The following Collection is currently made up of one artwork, of which were initially created during her second year of study at Birmingham City University.

This large digital print features the view down 300 traffic cones, digitally documented by Suzie. When exploring the Birmingham during her studies Suzie noticed that the city consisted of alot of building work, with this came a variety of objects, in particular traffic barriers and traffic cones. Objects placed temporarily, framing that space and controlling the way we interacted with it and who interacted with it. The cones stop individuals exploring what they know and confront them with something new and unrecognisable. Drawn in by its vivid orange hue and varying centre point.

All Collection artworks are available as: A6 Postcard, A3/A4 Digital Print in Presentation Tube, A3/A4 Signed Digital Print with Mount, A3/A4 Signed Digital Print in Frame. Please visit the Product and Prints page for more information.





Further Information on the Piece

Worcester Residency
AIR Exhibition



Suzie Elizabeth Hunt


Lives in Worcester and works in Birmingham, UK

Specialises in photography, video, printmaking, painting & Drawing.

Open to commissions

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