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Cone Suzie Hunt

Gloss digital print
841mm x 1189mm

when making this work I started off by explored the area I resided in, at the time Birmingham, where I lived during my uni years. Although I walked through it on a daily basis I never truly knew the area, so I decided  to explore the area surrounding where I lived, making sense of it, giving the public my own impression of this city. Noticing  that Birmingham mainly consisted of building work, the city was in an ever changing state different day after day, everyone had their own impression of the city. From this I noticed that with this building work came a variety of objects, in particular traffic barriers and traffic cones. Objects placed temporarily, framing that space and controlling the way we interacted with it and who interacted with it.

With my piece CONE it focuses on the idea of the framed temporary space, an isolated world hidden from passers by only to be seen when looked through its telescopic like structure.  The cones stop  us exploring what we know and confront us with something new and unrecognisable to the viewer. Drawn in by its vivid orange hue and varying centre point. Each one offering a new experience to the viewer, some seeing embryos, planets, cells, black holes and poppies. Each cone highlighting the world we know but allowing us to appreciate and see it in an entirely new hue. Each one an immersive experience, a visual pleasure for the eyes.

The work was finalised as a large scale gloss print going in order of the findings, expressing the journey of these discoveries, whilst the large scale allows the viewer to be consumed by the image and the gloss finish glorifying it, turning something mundane and ordinary into something of value, worth a persons time, their gaze.

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