Untitled Suzie Hunt CMYK
Untitled Suzie Hunt CMYK

210mm x 270mm

UNTITLED explores how the memory works, the speed of our memory, how memories are experienced and created and how some of these are more significant to us than others.


With this work I based this on a series of drawings I did during my FINDING HOME series. With these drawings I had redrawn my steps that I had walked each day and if I happened to come across the same place previously drawn I would erase the previous drawing and redraw a new one from my memory. As when we remember a memory we don't bring back something stored in an archive of memory, we simply remember a new version of that memory; so our memory refreshes, just like the drawings.

From doing these drawings I had acquired a list of all the places I had experienced over the set of days, each experienced up to 8 times. From these drawings I decided to turn them into CMYK prints. CMYK is a 4 colour printing s process where 4 colours are layered over the tiop of one another in order to achieve a clear image. Withy this in mind I accumulated the number of times I experienced each place to the amount of colours per print but each print being made up of different images of the same location. so 8 days 4 colours, 6 days 3 colours etc.  working with the idea of memory and the more and more you experience a place, a clearer image you as an individual will have of it giving you a full colour image but also multiple layers of that place, as you have multiple memories of it.

Untitled Suzie Hunt CMYK
Untitled Suzie Hunt CMYK
Untitled Suzie Hunt CMYK


Suzie Elizabeth Hunt


Lives in Worcester and works in Birmingham, UK

Specialises in photography, video, printmaking, painting & Drawing.

Open to commissions

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Email - suzieeh@googlemail.com