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It All Blurs Suzie Hunt


Matt digital print
841mm x 1189mm

With this series of work I looked into exploring the different aspects of memory; how we ourselves experience it but also collectively how it's viewed by others. also exploring how as individuals we can never perfectly recreate a memory, looking into the use of the camera and how this itself creates a different version. A 2d version only offering you a visual experience as there is no way to replicate a memory in its entirety.
The first piece of work focuses on my entire memory, layering every photo I had taken thus far. With this I look at how when we age our own memory gradually fades and almost blurs into one; as the layers of memory build up they almost get lost in each other but ultimately become one and the same, not only loosing their clarity but their significance as well, the piece only recognisable to the individual. We know what lurks between the layers; but in the eyes of another all you can see is a rough outline, you are lacking the experience that they had as every memory is personal to that individual.

The second piece looking into this same idea but on how we idealise our memories, as individually we often glorify memories and remember them far better than they were before, making them more compositionally pleasing for the mind. So I layered every main memory I had taken during my life into one print and then I made a second but this time edited to how I remembered them. confronting an audience with two images almost as a spot the difference, and how with every memory, it can be perceived by another in an entirely but ultimately subtle way.

It All Blurs Suzie Hunt
It All Blurs Suzie Hunt
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