Residency: School of Art, Birmingham City University

Following the Whitworth Wallis Residency, Birmingham School of Art graduates Suzie Hunt & Tony McClure are continuing to make and develop work for their art Practice.

The school of art residency has granted both artists free workshop access for one year, where they will continue to develop their work for Whitworth Wallis; as well as develop other pieces for an end of year exhibition at the school of art.

During this year they will also help staff with the running of workshops, demonstrate to a professional level their skills of making and offer support and advice to fellow students.

This Residency is a year long, and the page will be updated as the work progresses. For now you can see examples of work in development on the left.

Work Produced: Restricted View
Screen Print on Clear Acrylic

841 x 1189 mm

These three large digital prints feature the roofing of the MCC Dudderston collections, looking up from the inside of the space. When entering the
collections we are told we can only view the objects from the ground; as those placed higher up are inaccessible. Disregarding what’s on offer you look up with curiosity and intrigue, once again to be offered a restricted view.

Following the residency period the work was then further developed to be screen printed onto clear acrylic. This was to replicate the window effect, a clear structure, something to look through but on closer inspection confronting you with the walls of your environment, the restrictions of your surroundings.


Work Produced: Measures Of Engagement
CMYK on layered tracing paper, 136 Screen Prints, 34 parts
270 x 375 mm

These drawings depict the navigations of visitors within Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. Each drawing focuses on an exhibition space in the
museum and how the public explore it. The colours, inspired from the print process of CMYK, depict different age categories showing what in particular the public are drawn to or avoid. Each generation layer combined allowing a full picture of the gallery environment to be seen.

Following the residency period the work was then further developed to be turned into actually CMYKs. This was to directly link the work to the print process, how the build up of 4 colours give you the full picture. 



Suzie Elizabeth Hunt


Lives in Worcester and works in Birmingham, UK

Specialises in photography, video, printmaking, painting & Drawing.

Open to commissions

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