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Suzie Elizabeth Hunt, English, 1996 - Present
Mixed Media Artist

Suzie Elizabeth Hunt creates a vast range of artworks, mainly prints; which explore the different angles of the everyday landscape, our relationships with them and how we respond to them. She crops and carefully selects aspects from documented shots allowing the viewer to see their environment in a refined format. Having completed her degree at Birmingham School of Art, she gained a keen interest in the Urban, having been a constant witness to Birmingham’s everchanging landscape. Her current work focuses on the areas between Worcester and Birmingham and is gradually expanding.

“My current practice is concerned with how the physical presence of the urban landscape and its raw materials alters our perception of the everyday; with a desire to understand it through order, technology and systems.By documenting I decontextualize, then reconstruct my surrounding space. This allows me to separate the work from the constant influx of information, and process it into a readable format; leaving my work open to exhaustible invitations of deduction and speculation. Left mute, the caption or title takes on the role of the missing voice.By altering these everyday recordings, I question the attitudes and unwritten rules that have formed in our environments; their structures and our behaviour towards them, how narratives are constructed. I reframe the original, inviting visitors to engage with the world in a new light, changing their very understanding of what surrounds them; and how they perceive it.”

 A contemporary fine artist, living in Worcester after studying in Birmingham. Suzie has been Artist in Residence at Birmingham City University, University of Worcester and Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery creating these location-based pieces. Through this she has gone on to work with other artists, creating work, organising workshops and curating exhibitions. As a result, she has exhibited at Birmingham City university, The arches Birmingham, The old print Works and Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. Recently she has begun to exhibit in Worcester having taking part in Worcester Stands Tall with her design ‘Gregory’ and is due to take part later this year with several art events run by ‘Participate in Art’.

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